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Tiger Roar frontpage archive - 2014 Q4

Friday December 26th 2014  
Chris Knowles
great signing

Jamie Lucas
stuck in the mud

It can be a tough life being a Gloucester City fan, this season is no exception with the sceptre of relegation hanging over the club so every victory is welcomed with open arms, no matter how it arrives.

People don't leave City games early but if anyone did they'd be kicking themselves because the culmination of Tim Harris' men bombarding the Brackley penalty area was a last gasp winner from Joe Parker. It should've been Jamie Lucas' goal but the shot from the Bristol Rovers loanee stuck in the mud on the goalline and where everyone had stopped Parker was sharp enough to dive in and claim the three points.

It was one way traffic because the big spenders from Northamptonshire were reduced to ten men just before the break when Tom Sharp tripped a goalbound Charlie Griffin. I would say he was beaten by Charlie's pace, but, as the big striker would say, "maybe fifteen years ago". To add to the comedic effect of the sending off Sharp just turned and walked towards the tunnell barely even glancing at the red card as it was shown.

At that stage Jon Brady's men were a goal up, another own goal thanks to Jack Harris doing a spot of Irish dancing in the six yard box and backheeling the ball beyond Jas Singh. I think that Brackley only had one shot on target during the whole game.

City's equaliser came ten minutes into the second half when Chris Knowles connected with Billy Jones' inswinging corner. What a find Knowles has been, he has really given the team a boost.

We were even treated to an indirect free kick for a backpass. Didn't score mind. Quite why someone doesn't just blast the ball at head height hoping for a deflection and in is beyond me.

City : Singh, Green, B.Jones, Harris, Williams, Miller, Hall (Webb 46), Knowles, Griffin, Parker, Modest (Lucas 78). Subs n/u : Richards, Avery, Groves

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Chris Knowles rises highest from a pack of players to equalise for City today
Chris Knowles rises highest from a pack of players to equalise for City today

Saturday December 13th 2014  
Charlie Griffin
sealed win

Having detatched myself from any hopes of a win and taken the "Wouldn't it be funny if..." type of approach to this game, we only went and won!

It was fully deserved too, everything seemed to go right even after an impressive display in the first half which only lacked a goal and at the start of the second when Barrow missed a free header in front of goal the Tigers took advantage with an unassailable two-goal lead.

Joe Parker had looked sharp all afternoon and was in the right place at the right time to place a shot inside the post after a gift from a Barrow defender. It was a good job that we'd scored because moments earlier Charlie Griffin had been pulled back as he tried to connect to a cross, but as ever no penalty was given.

It was Griffin who got City's second when Parker found him after good work by Nathan Modest. The Barrow keeper set himself badly and gave the City striker ample room to slot the ball home. One would suspect that Charlie enjoyed that one given the history he has with that club.

Such was City's dominance, eminating from the solid midfield display from Adam Connolly and Chris Knowles that even though the clock in the corner read almost five o'clock when the final whistle was blown the only incident of note was a header from Joe Green in the sparsely populated T-End!

City : Singh, Green, B.Jones, Harris (Avery 25), Williams, Connolly, Hall, Knowles, Griffin, Parker (White 78), Modest (Miller 90). Subs n/u : Lucas, Groves

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Nathan Modest is loses control to a sliding challenge from a Barrow defender
Nathan Modest is loses control to a sliding challenge from a Barrow defender

Monday December 8th 2014  
Joe Parker

These summaries are starting to all sound the same now aren't they? Another defeat, plenty of effort, no luck, punished for mistakes etc etc.

A poor showing in the first half where City struggled to find the way to goal was marred by the loss of Tom Webb, injured when he was rough housed by a Tamworth attacker in the corner. It was a half where they scored twice; once a shot through Mike Green's legs which did for any Jas Singh chance of stopping it and a poor touch by Jack Harris which he couldn't recover from before a smart finish gave the silent Lambs a two goal lead.

Silent because they brought little more than a dozen fans. We took a coach up there. Maybe it's about time we staretd to boycott these away games and started to feed our cash into our own clubs coffers?

The second half was much, much better. City came to life, mainly thanks to Joe Parker's tidy finish off a route one move. Chris Knowles almost diverted Lewis Hall's shot in before Harry White wasted a great chance to lob the Tamworth keeper.

Other than a few half chances that was it, although the referee Amy Fearn let us down when keeper James Belshaw put his head into Knowles after the pair had clashed going for a high ball. That was a penalty and a red card in the Coventry v's Worcester City FA Cup tie the other week. Not for us though. Never for us.

City : Singh, Green, Hall (Lucas 86), Harris, Williams, Knowles, Richards, Webb (Griffin 21), White (B.Jones 62), Parker, Groves. Subs n/u : Avery, Connolly

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Harry White spurns a great chance to equalise for City
Harry White spurns a great chance to equalise for City

Tuesday December 2nd 2014  
Matt Groves
lucky strike

Despite a decent effort at Twerton Park tonight City's inability to score goals has cost the club a decent payday and the fans a good away day at Bristol Rovers following this bitterly disappointing 1-3 defeat in the freezing cold at Bath.

Tim Harris' men started well enough and probably dominated for the opening twenty minutes, then Bath had one shot and we were behind.

Nathan Modest was looking good up front but was forced out of the game when goalkeeper Jason Mellor clattered him. Mellor then pulled off a great save from a Marc Richards header before letting a Matt Groves shot through his legs for an equaliser which probaly saw the Tigers use up their quota of luck for the rest of the season in a heartbeat.

I'd like to tell you about the second half but I spent about half of it in the gents sat on a freezing cold toilet staring at a door listening to the Bath fans hoping and hoping not to hear them cheer a goal. They didn't, it went to extra time and City wilted with two goals from pint sized winger Ross Stearn.

The team worked hard but it was the same old story. You can't miss chances if you aren't making them. Now we just have the league to concentrate on and only the most hardy of City fans will look forward to the rest of the season.

City : Singh, Green, Hall, Harris, Williams, Knowles (Miller 105), Richards, Webb, White (Griffin 100), Modest (Lucas 46), Groves. Subs n/u : Avery, Connolly


A Bath defender dives in bravely at the feet of Nathan Modest
A Bath defender dives in bravely at the feet of Nathan Modest

Sunday November 30th 2014  
Harry White

This was a vast improvement on the terrible performance against Stalybridge but we still couldn't score a goal.

Bath looked good for the opening fifteen or so minutes but other than a series of corners midway through the second half and a dipping volley from David Pratt at the end they were probably the worst Bath side to face us since, well, ever.

They say that decisions even themselves out over the season but we all know that that's horseshit. Phil Walsh deserved to be sent off for this horrendous challenge on Adam Connolly but one would suspect that our man, being ex-Bath knew Walsh well enough not to make a meal of it when others teams would. Without Walsh we'd have beaten Bath today. BTW did you know his brother in law is Kelsey Grammer?

City had two new players in their line up today, left back Lewis Hall and striker Jamie Lucas. It was the latter who had a great chance to score in the first half but he seemed to try to flick the ball home with his instep and made a right hash of it. He was either trying to hard or not communicating with Harry White as they were both going for the same balls.

White was excellent though and seemed to want to take the game by the scruff of the neck with some of the penetrating runs he was making in the second half.

City pretty much dominated the game after the break yet failed to really test the goalkeeper and it was Pratt's effort that came closest to breaking the deadlock. A replay at Twerton Park beckons, never a happy hunting ground for the Tigers.

City : Singh, Green, Hall, Harris, Williams, Connolly, Richards (Modest 62), Webb, White (Griffin 73), Lucas (C.Jones 62), Miller. Subs n/u : Knowles, Avery

Report - Photos - Interview

An impressive array of flags from the Bath City fans
An impressive array of flags from the Bath City fans

Tuesday November 25th 2014  
Jack Harris
gave hope

A relegation six-pointer in November? And we lost!

There have been games down the years during our time in the Conference North which seemed to follow a script and this was one of them. They suggest that City huff and puff but were never able to blow the, well, score a goal. Then the opposition pinch one and never really look like letting our lead go.

The most annoying thing is that we've had games where we've held onto leads and time has stood still and my hearts skips skips a beat. Those times are the hardest to be a football fan yet we seem to make things easy for opponents in a way that they never, never reciprocate.

Stalybridge scored through a mistake from Jas Singh, his second costly one in two games, although it's not fair to pin it on him because he made two or three other great reaction saves that would've given the Manchester team the scoreline which they probably deserved.

For the Tigers Harry White looked decent and had the only real chance in the first half when he scuffed a volley from the penalty spot. His strike partner Charlie Griffin showed his frustrations when he was substituted by blamming a ball into the dugout causing a few quids worth of damage.

Things really need to improve. We need to get better. Give us something to cheer about please.

City : Singh, Avery (Nkunga 88), Green, Harris, Williams, Connolly, Miller, Webb, White, Griffin (Modest 65), C.Jones. Subs n/u : Richards, B.Jones, Rivers

Report - Photos - Interview - Goal

Saturday November 22nd 2014  
Jack Harris
own goal

Tom Webb
gave hope

My first away trip in what seems like an actual age, the last league game away that I saw was Guiseley. I expected more of the same today even though we've never beaten the north Wales team.

By all accounts they've been shite at home so isn't it typical that we become their patsy's.

Bay raced into a two goal lead. Jack Harris poking home a low cross at the near post for our second own goal in a week then Jas Singh failed to hold a cross and despite having three City players between him and the goal Seagulls' player Tom Buckley shot low to make it 2-0.

We've had some absolute wankers for officials this year, they say the bad decisions level themselves out over the season but that's just nonsense. A Bay player had two hands above his head and deflected Chris Jones' cross to the keeper right in front of the linesman. Wasn't handball though according to the prick.

After Tom Webb (who else?) drilled home from the right wing inside the keepers near post Obi Anoruo beat the offside trip because he was well offside but the other linesman was useless too and bent a shot around the advancing Singh.

This came after a period of City dominance where the next goal was always going to be key. As expected it was their and not ours.

We had all of the second half to force our way back into it but despite putting the home team on the back foot one goal, let alone two or three never looked likely.

A striker of the caliber of Charlie Griffin just isn't getting the service. We have a group of good players there but we just don't look like a team that can create chances and score goals.

Who knows what the answer is because I don't.

City : Singh, Avery, B.Jones (Groves 58), Harris, Williams, Connolly, Miller, Webb, White, Griffin (Modest 66), C.Jones. Subs n/u : Richards, Green, Rivers

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Yes that's right, it's a dog watching the Colwyn Bay v's City game!
Yes that's right, it's a dog watching the Colwyn Bay v's City game!

Saturday November 15th 2014  
Nathan Modest
his goal

Matt Williams
own goal catastrophe

Billy Jones
saw red

There are times when football fans must wonder why they put themselves through the stress of supporting their teams.

Looking at our attendances versus the population of Gloucester or wondering why five figure crowds go to Kingsholm to watch rugby when there is so little entertainment value in the game and then considering those who "support" the best of the best when they're actually doing little more than cheering on a number on a TV screen, it's times like these when you see why.

Gloucester City are a hard working club without the resources that village teams like Guiseley have to throw at talented players. Yet we have to face off against them and their kin like AFC Fylde (Kirkham & Wesham) or North Ferriby. They sound like towns that were sold a monorail.

It can be demoralising.

It was cold and wet and we went behind to an own goal, created by a player with Premiership experience. Oli Johnson looked good today but he wasn't the only one, they all looked good and at times City's players were chasing shadows. Tim Harris admitted after the game that he got the team selection wrong but it's hard to put a finger on what he could've done to stop such a rampant force.

Unbelievably the scores were level at half time. Adam Mann struggled to make an impact in what looked like a lone striker role. I still think he's better served on the left wing and not up front but it's a game of opinions isn't it? His telling contribution was a clever flick to send Nathan Modest away on the right wing. Nathan's low centre took a deflection and wrong footed Guiseley keeper Steve Drench and went in at the near post.

The goal was given as an own goal. Even though this website has the influence of fart in a colander I'm giving it to Nathan.

Some might say that we were haunted by that early goal in the second half syndrome when right back Ryan Toulson powered a shot at the impressive Jas Singh. Singh parried it and Spencer Hamilton was guilty of ball watching as Toulson followed up his shot to scuff home the rebound.

Having tried to rectify his poor selection with a double substitution at the break, including one for the injured Sam Avery, Harris replaced Mann with Charlie Griffin before Hamilton hurt himself making an impressive run out of defence. We had to endure the final half hour with ten men.

Well, nine men. Billy Jones earned a second booking when Wayne Brooksby made an absolute meal of a late tackle. That said, the referee couldn't wait to get his yellow and then red cards out of his pocket. I reckon that clip from the highlights will be going straight into his wank bank.

Adam Boyes put the result beyond doubt in injury time after he'd had several attempts to score.

We actually dicked this lot 1-4 on their own pitch back in August. That seems a long, long time ago now.

City : Singh, Avery (Green 46), B.Jones, Hamilton (injured 70), Williams, Connolly, Miller, Webb, Modest, Mann (Griffin 57), Groves (White 46). Subs n/u : Richards, C.Jones

Report - Photos - Interview - Highlights

City's mascots welcome their team onto the pitch before the Guiseley game
City's mascots welcome their team onto the pitch before the Guiseley game

Sunday November 9th 2014  
Tom Webb

Matt Williams

Two wins on the bounce and unbeaten in three games, are City starting to find some of the form that deserted them earlier in the season?

Given our defensive lapses this term the most remarkable thing about today's game was that the winning goal came after just fifty-three seconds of play and try as they might Simon Weaver's expensively assembled side were unable to breach the City rearguard.

Tom Webb got the game's only goal, appearing on the right of the penalty spot to smash a low shot through Phil Barnes' legs. His celebration was as buoyant as the one when he scored his first City goal at Woking more than a decade ago. He loves scoring goals!

Other than that it seemed like one way traffic with Harrogate always looking dangerous but Jamie Stephens was in fine form and their strikers clearly weren't. City had two great chances to kill the game in the second half; Charlie Griffin being denied by a low save from Barnes and Adam Mann seizing on a defenders error but drilling his shot the wrong side of the upright.

Webb underlined his super human effort when he cleared a shot off of the line and also stood firm on the post to ensure a bullet header didn't go in had it been on target.

City boss Tim Harris was delighted at the way that his team did a professional job in running down the clock and one instance of keeping the ball in the corner saw Sam Avery tease a defender into show off his dancing skills. It was the Can Can fused with Riverdance and MC Hammer shit.

City : Stephens, Avery, B.Jones, Hamilton, Williams, Connolly, Miller, Webb, Mann, White (Griffin 60), Modest (Groves 46). Subs n/u : Richards, C.Jones, Green

Report - Interview - Highlights

Tom Webb wheels away after scoring the winner against Harrogate
Tom Webb wheels away after scoring the winner against Harrogate

Saturday November 1st 2014  
Harry White
goalscoring debut

After what seems like an age City have recorded their second league win of the season with a well deserved 3-0 victory at Lowestoft.

Second half goals from Matt Groves, Bill Jones and one on his debut from Harry White saw Tim Harris' men gain some revenge for an horrendous FA Cup defeat at England's most easterly town back in 2009.

City : Stephens, Avery, B.Jones, Hamilton, Williams, Connolly, Miller, Webb, Parker (Groves 57), Mann (White 77), Modest (Green 85). Subs n/u : Richards, C.Jones

Report - Goals

Tuesday October 28th 2014  
Adam Mann
rare goal

City's first league point in six games came thanks to a rare Adam Mann goal and Solihull keeper Tony Breeden's butterfingers.

The Birmingham side have had a habit of beating the Tigers in recent seasons and have put together a very good team so this point was well earned even though either side could've won.

Truth be told Moors should've been out of sight by half time having taken the lead after Darrel Knights had cut in and shot into the far corner. Ryan Beswick, who normally scores against us missed a free header from point blank range while Omar Bogle whose mind is apparently more on shagging than football skied a penalty.

City keeper Jamie Stephens might've been sent off as he gave away the spot kick although a better referee would've spotted Darren Byfield use his arm to control the build milliseconds before he was clotheslined. That said Joe Parker was shoved by their keeper as City lined up a corner kick moments before half time and nothing was given!

Mann's equaliser was a powerful drive that Breeden couldn't hold and as much as he will have enjoyed that strike he'll rue the missed header late in the game that would've given the Tigers all three points.

City : Stephens, Avery, B.Jones, Hamilton, Williams, Connolly, Miller, Modest, Parker (Griffin 76), Mann, Groves. Subs n/u : Richards, C.Jones, Greenwood, Rivers

Report - Photos - Interview - Highlights

Adam Mann celebrates in front of the City faithful after equalising against Solihuill Moors
Adam Mann celebrates in front of the City faithful after equalising against Solihuill Moors

Saturday October 25th 2014  
Mike Green
left back

Tom Webb

Dale Vince
wore casual trousers

My biggest fear coming into this game was that City were going to be humilated. Performance wise they gave as good as they got but while the final 1-4 scoreline might've flattered the ex-cons from Nailsworth the record books will always show that scoreline.

I always expected us to lose, the game was a well attended spectacle but it came a round too early, it would've made for a decent TV game in the First Round Proper.

The crowd of over two-thousand was City's biggest in a home game since the Dagenham & Redbridge Trophy game. In the away end there were 668 Forest Green Fans. If that isn't every last one of their supporters you have to ask what has stopped them making the shortest trip they'll face for such a high profile game.

I'm not going to wank off over the home support either. We'll struggle to get three hundred against Solihull on Tuesday.

FGR took the lead with a training ground goal. Elliott Frear cutting the ball back to Luke Rodgers who finished into the bottom corner. Try as I might I can't work any firework references into that description.

Of their other big names neither David Pipe or Lee Hughes appeared to be at the game. Shame really because one of our fans was going to bring a "R.I.P. Douglas Graham" banner!

Within minutes City had somehow equalised. George Miller put a free kick into the goalkeeper's corridor of uncertainty and Tom Webb probably got a touch with either his head or his back and the ball ended up in the back of the net.

Rovers striker Jon Parkin had been singled out in the Fleetwood game last year with City fans chanting "You Fat Bastard" at him. He scored. The same happened this year. Then he scored again but as good as the header was he was given a free header.

City took control in the second half and were only prevented from drawing level by resolute defending and an increasingly shit referee who was giving them every soft looking foul and nothing to City. He even got involved in a wrestling match between Webb and a Rovers defender who wanted to keep the ball. But his worse act was booking Charlie Griffin for this. I'd love to know what Charlie has done wrong.

After denying City a clear cut penalty Rovers scored twice in a minute through James Norwood. And that was it.

City : Stephens, Avery (C.Jones 70), Green, Hamilton, Williams, Connolly, Miller, Webb, Modest (Griffin 58), Mann (Parker 46), Groves. Subs n/u : Richards, Greenwood, Haswell, Rivers

Report - Photos - Interview - Goals

Tom Webb looks delighted after scoring City's equaliser
Tom Webb looks delighted after scoring City's equaliser

Tuesday October 21st 2014  
Matt Groves
cross cum shot

It's never fashionable to progress in the County Cup is it?

City are out having lost 1-2 against a youthful Bristol Rovers side at the Memorial Stadium. Matt Groves, who is actually employed by the Pirates gave his side a half time lead when his cross crept over the hands of ex-Scuzzer Will Puddy in the Rovers' goal. He didn't celebrate but one would wonder if that was because he was embarressed or that he'd face the wrath of his seniors!

Rovers won it thanks tio two headers in a couple of minutes; the first from trialist Harry White from a corner and the second a good near post effort from Jamie White. The Tigers had chances to put the game into extra time when Sam Avery had a header cleared off of the line and also when Hartpury student Jody Nkunsa smacked the crossbar with a header. But it was freezing and we were grateful to get back in the warm!

City : Stephens, Avery, B.Jones (Gregan 25), Green, Poole, Connolly (Mann 65), C.Jones, Webb, Griffin (Nkunsa 65), Parker, Groves. Subs n/u : Richards, Rivers

Report - Photos - Goals

Matt Groves scores with a cross at Bristol Rovers
Matt Groves scores with a cross at Bristol Rovers

Saturday October 18th 2014  
Charlie Griffin
booed by morons

One City fan wrote on Facebook after this defeat that it was the biggest massacre seen in Cumbria since the days of Derrick Bird.

Effectively the scoreline means as much as the fact that Barrow are spunking six times as much money on their squad as we are, thats almost twenty grand a week on non-league footballers.

This was one of those games where seeing the full time score would be enough, so when Twitter told us that we were a goal behind after just six minutes even the most optimistic of City fans would struggle to convince themselves that there would be anything other than a home win.

Of course, City's new keeper Jamie Stephens shipped five goals on his debut but the goal that killed it was the second which came just twenty-two seconds after the restart. These goals conceded at that time are beyind a joke now.

The only other incident worth mentioning was the introduction of Charlie Griffin, who was booed. As a Stevenage player who was knocked unconcious by a Barrow man in the FA Trophy final and the assailant was sent of. So these pricks boo Griffin. That's all you need to know about Barrow fans.

City : Stephens, Avery (Griffin 53), B.Jones, Hamilton, Williams (Richards 40), Miller, Green, Webb, Modest, Parker, Groves (C.Jones 60). Subs n/u : Mann, Rivers


Tuesday October 14th 2014  
George Miller
stunning strike

Nathan Modest
two goal hero

Well, we did it but we tried our hardest to throw it away!

For the neutral this was a great game, any Staines fan present will be happier because their team showed much more than they did on Saturday but they'd have been devasted to see their team concede with minutes to go after they'd worked so hard to get back into the game.

City's nerves were settled thanks to George Miller's second goal for the club and his second FA Cup goal and it was an absolute belter. Cutting in from the left hand side he feinted to shoot before unleashing a rocket which went in off of the crossbar and made that lush rasping sound as the wet ball was arrested by the goal net.

Joe Parker hurt himself just before the break and was replaced by Nathan Modest. We haven't seen much of the Sheffielder yet and we'll want to see more of him after his two-goal cameo. His firm shot evaded Jack Turner in the Staines goal and went in off of the post before he ran to the photographers to celebrate!

A brilliant towering header by Luke Neville cut the defecit and Charlie Griffin will wonder how Turner stopped his point blank shot after a slip by a defender before Staines turned the screw and got a deserved equaliser when Max Worsfold stole in unmarked at the far post to head home.

But with extra-time looming Modest settled the game when he pivoted and shot in one swift movement to turn Matt Groves' header past the helpless Staines keeper to set up a mouth watering tie with Forest Green in ten days time.

City : White, Avery, B.Jones, Hamilton, Williams, Miller, C.Jones (Richards 65), Webb, Griffin (Mann 83), Parker (Modest 46), Groves. Subs n/u : Green, Hogg, Rivers

Report - Photos - Tim H Interview - Modest Interview - Goals

Nathan Modest celebrates after putting City two-up against Staines
Nathan Modest celebrates after putting City two-up against Staines

Saturday October 11th 2014  
Joe Parker

Well, what to say about this one? It was disappointing. We didn't lose, we're still in the hat but they really weren't very good were they?

City always seemed to be on top and they rarely threatened yet the inability to kill a team off sees us face a replay at Whaddon on Tuesday, a game which I absolutely expect us to win. To make matters worse we could both be handed the prospect of a shit draw in the next round on Monday!

Joe Parker shone for the Tigers, this despite being kicked all over the place and it was he who gave the Tigers the lead for just the fourth time in fifteen games (including a friendly at Lydney) when he scored with a proper strikers finish after Adam Connolly had seen his superb dipping volley pushed onto the crossbar.

Parker might've doubled the advantage in the second half but as the clock ticked on our defensive frailties were exposed when Matt Williams and Paul White left a ball for each other and Danny Bassett did well to miss an open goal.

The sickening equaliser undid all of the hard work and Staines took advantage as they tried and failed to get a winner against a nervy back line.

City : White, Avery, B.Jones, Hamilton, Williams, Connolly (Hogg 53), Miller (Mann 76), Webb, Griffin, Parker, Groves (Green 84). Subs n/u : C.Jones, Modest, Rivers

Report - Photos - Tim H Interview - Goals - Panorama

Saturday October 4th 2014  
Charlie Griffin
scored twice

Lewis Hogg
goal and a red

City's run of form is now starting to get alarming following this 3-5 defeat at Stockport County

Any team that can score three goals away from home must surely win a game, but when a defence as fragile as ours lets them in at the rate we do it's no surprise that the opposition scored five.

It was as though it came from the same old script; the Tigers impressed for the first twenty minutes before going behind and when that happens it's like breaking the seal on a Saturday night on the piss, goals are conceded as often as you need a visit to the gents.

Two down at half time City resumed their trait of conceededing straight away, although this was a ridiculously harsh penalty kick given against Sam Avery. The fourth soon followed before Tim Harris' men showed some fight, although, why did they have to be four down?

Charlie Griffin headed home a Chris Jones cross, he'd had a goal ruled out earlier on for a supposed foul on the goalkeeper but weak referees being barracked by 2500 home fans always do that against us. Lewis Hogg headed home a corner before the back four fell asleep for a long free kick and any slim chance of a comeback was over.

Griffin netted again, where would we be without his goals? And finally Hoggy got himself sent off. Stockport should've been reduced to ten long before that but with this referee?!!!

City : White, Avery (Hamilton 62), B.Jones, Richards, Williams, Connolly, Hogg, Webb, Griffin, C.Jones 62), Groves. Subs n/u : Rivers, Modest, Greenwood

Report - Tim H Interview - Goals

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